EU players can now play on NA servers

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EU players can now play on NA servers Empty EU players can now play on NA servers

Post  Tawii on 2009-09-05, 03:36

From Ayase
I have an update on this, folks, and I'm sure some of you may already have noticed the changes and fixes we have made to our filters. We do no longer have any IP blocks at all between the NA and EU territories, meaning that you can create an NA account from Europe if you have a valid key, and vice versa. If you still experience problems applying your European key to an NA account (or v.v.), contact Customer Support to sort it out.

Thanks for you patience on the matter guys, I know it's taken a long time to get this information confirmed!

As for Eastern Europe, I am still waiting for confirmation on what exactly will happen short- and mid-term.


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