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Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED)

Post  Pazia on 2009-09-15, 09:01

Your real name: Jesper Sørensen
Your nationality: Danish
Your age: 25

Your character name: Pazia
Your class: Sorcerrer
Your trade skill's: Sewing and perhaps Alchemy, not final.

Average amount of hours you play each week? It's various from time to time, but I'd say between 15-20 hours per week.

Why did you choose us? Nikko contacted me on that 'ofDOOM' was looking for dedicated MMO-players for the upcoming release of Aion. I checked the forum post, and immetially I knew that this Elyos legion was my choice.

What do you expect from us? I'd expect dedication from officers/class leaders to assist players not all familiar with their class functions/spells. Relaxing atmosphere and hopefully some excellent raid encounters and PvP action once we're reached level 50.

What do you feel you can offer us as a member? Someone with loads of experience with MMO. Dedicated, and mature behavior during casual gaming, raid encounters and many more.

Anything else to say? I have ventrilo installed, and workin' microphone. So i'm ready to come in our earpussies*, once Aion has been released.

* Quote - Stolen from Tenacious D - The History of Tenacious D. cheers

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Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED)

Post  Nikko on 2009-09-15, 09:11

You are already in mate Wink ^^

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Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED)

Post  Prototype on 2009-09-15, 10:28

We would like to say welcome to our legion.
The legion chat will be in english since we would like the legion to be international.

Other then that i guess we will see you sunday the 20th. Someone will give you some rights so you can see all the info you will need for the launch here on the forum.

On the day of release you can PM one of the following players for an invite:


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Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Pazia - Application (ACCEPTED)

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