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Server Queues and Course of Action Empty Server Queues and Course of Action

Post  Tawii on 2009-09-23, 07:45

At NCsoft our commitment is to making the MMO player experience the best it can be. And while Aion has seen a very successful launch that has exceeded our expectations in many ways, we are aware of the longer than usual queue times that players have experienced on some of the servers. This is due to the initial rush of players that we’ve seen in the early days of the game’s launch in Europe and North America.

Since the opening of Head Start this past weekend, we’ve have been heavily focused on striking the delicate balance between managing busy servers with queue times versus overcompensating by adding new servers too quickly that are then underpopulated and don’t deliver a fun experience for players. We did indeed see an initial rush on the first days of Head Start which resulted in longer than desired queue times for some of our servers, and we are working around the clock to alleviate this. In fact, we are happy to confirm we have increased our server caps and are adding an additional server in both North America and Europe by this weekend, and we will continue to evaluate adding additional servers.

That said, we do have alternate servers where players are experiencing lower queue times. People can get a real-time update and select that choice on our website at:

We continue to monitor issues closely and strive to address player feedback quickly to ensure the best possible experience.

Server Queues and Course of Action Gir


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Server Queues and Course of Action Empty Re: Server Queues and Course of Action

Post  Pozz on 2009-09-23, 08:09

Sorry to say, not good enough... Make an instanced trading square on another server and only allow shops in that area, atleast for now. Adding a new server won't make queues shorter on popular servers >_> The number one issue is 10k people sitting around selling larva goo for 4mio kinah >_>


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